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Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.14.1

Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.14.1 Download


Welcome to the cubic jungle


Minecraft - Pocket Edition is the mobile adaptation of the main Minecraft video game, a sandbox title in which you will play as a builder of your own world. This App very effectively emulates the experience of the desktop version with some different modes and other kinds of features that will make players feel like they are really playing in the original game.

This mobile edition offers an easy way to enjoy the world of Minecraft, wherever you are. What really makes this version unique is that it can be run in an instant and is easily accessible from your smartphone. This way you will be able to build your world in your free time without having to spend too much time. Each game will randomly generate a new world which you can freely explore at your will, building all kind of structures and fighting against the enemies that will appear.

Minecraft - Pocket Edition will make players feel like they are really playing the original game

Technically, the App is similar to the original, with a retro graphic pixel-art aspect based on cubes of different colors and textures. This simplistic aspect makes this game compatible with most Android devices since it doesn’t require too much from your system in the technical sense. The sound aspect only includes some effects for the animals, foes and the main character, but nothing more than can be highlighted.

Example of what can be achieved with your blocks
Example of what can be achieved with your blocks


Gameplay is different due to the touchscreen controls that have been set, but the possibilities remain almost the same. The left side will be for your movement and jumps, but the right side does not include any buttons; it's designed for you to tap on the blocks for different actions and to control the camera view. With a little practice, you won’t miss the keyboard and mouse combination since the controls are well-implemented in these touch devices.

There are two different game modes available depending on your game style. In the first place, you will find the Creative mode. In this mode, you can play in the way you want, with unlimited resources for your builder as well as weapons. Thus you will be able to breed the animals you find and to create anything you want without annoyance. The second mode is Survival. This Survival mode will put you to test since you will have to take the materials you want, craft your own weapons and fight against dangerous creatures that will attack your terrain.

If you want to play in the multiplayer mode, there is a local multiplayer mode available through a Wi-Fi network. This way you can meet your friends in the same place and try to survive together in this cubic world of Minecraft - Pocket Edition. Together you can build new wonders with your creativity.

Create your own city
Create your own city

Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.14.1 Features

Check the main feature for this mobile game version:

  • Pick up your builder and create a whole new world with the cubes you find in this randomly-generated world
  • Enjoy the two different modes available for this Minecraft - Pocket Edition, Creative for enjoying the freedom of this cubic world and Survival for fighting against the mobs
  • Several improvements such as fog and lighting effects and the addition of new cubes
  • Available multiplayer mode through local Wi-Fi network for enjoying the App together with your friends without any additional files to download
  • Adapted controls for touchscreen devices that make this version intuitive and easy to play

For more information, check the official site through this link.

Breed different kinds of animals
Breed different kinds of animals

System Requirements

Check the minimum system specification for this title:

  • OS: iOS 5.0, Android 2.3 or later
  • HDD: 8.2 MB Free space



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